Shavano's Look out for Lloyd

Shavano's Noble Archie by Lloyd

Rhodesian Ridgeback since 2000

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About me:


I live in Oslo With my two lovely RR boys, Archie and Lloyd, and With my boyfriend.

My love for animals started early in an age of 4 years old. My neighbour had a kennel (Rosanty kennel) containing dobberman, chihuahua and cavalier king charels spaniels, and every day after School we were able to help her out With walking the dogs, playing and groming. We also borrowed dogs home during weekends, and attended at shows helping her out to show them of.

At age 10, I got my first very own dog from this kennel, a cavalier king Charles spaniel named Hanny. I also had a huge interesst for horses and my main job for some years was training horses for races.

In year 2000 my first ridgeback entered my house and I was sold after day one! This was my kind of breed. 14 years laters my life still containes ridgebacks With a lot of show traveling, obedience training, cross country skiing, agility and more.

My ridgebacks are like drugs for me, I can't live without them.